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Weddings & Events

Hey there! 

For wedding and event inquiries please send an email to

The following information pertains to weddings & larger event.  Brands or PR agencies this information may not pertain to you. 

- Name
- Date Request
- Budget 
- Party Size & Flavour Preferences
- Vision for cake/ cakes & Inspiration Pictures (from my instagram portfolio) aka tiered cake, slab, long slab, multiple cakes etc.
- Likes/ Dislikes
- Allergies or Dietary Restrictions

The more information you provide in your original email, the less back and forth there will be, and the faster I can give you pricing, details etc.

Please note that I do not accept wedding cake orders more than 4 months in advance, and cakes are pick up only! Delivery is not offered, so please plan accordingly. I knowwww your wedding planner said that its time to reach out BUT IT AINT!

Wedding / tiered cakes can be completely custom based on your requests, OR you can choose an option from the seasonal menu which is updated the 15th of every month. 

PLEASE NOTE: I AM ONLY TAKING WEDDING ORDERS FOR FEBRUARY, MARCH, APRIL & MAY of 2024 so if you send a request for SUMMER or FALL of 2024 I WILL NOT REPLY! :) However if you have questions about pricing etc.,  I am always happy to answer questions. 

Bridal shower, engagement party, baby shower, etc. are not considered to be an event cake that can be booked 4 months prior. Unless you are ordering 2+ cakes or requesting something that is not listed on my website menu (i.e. pretty much just tiered cakes). SO PLEASE follow standard cake ordering procedure for those requests. 

Once the event cake has been confirmed, a confirmation email will be sent to the appropriate people, and a deposit will be necessary to secure the date. Full payment (total - deposit = FULL PAYMENT) can be made upon pick up, or prior to pick up. An invoice can be sent so that payment can be made online. 

Your cake lady, 
Xxx Gallz

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