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Can you write a message on my cake?


  • I have a nut allergy, can you accommodate that?
    Yes. All menu items that contain nuts or nut products will be disclosed. There will always be nut-free options on my seasonal menus, however it is important to note that my kitchen is not 100% nut-free, and cross contamination can occur.
  • I’m vegan, can I still order a cake?
    Yes! I won’t have any specific vegan cakes on my menus as they aren’t frequently requested but I am happy to accommodate them as a custom order.
  • I have other allergies/dietary restrictions? Can you help me?
    I am happy to accommodate. I’ll always have two gluten free options on my menu (it will be clear which items those are) OR you can request a custom order if those options aren’t to your liking. Please disclose other allergies or restrictions in the notes section when placing your order.
  • Can you deliver my cake to me?
    No. I do not do delivery. All cakes must be picked up in person. You can coordinate to have someone else pick up the cake for you i.e an Uber, designated cake picker upper, Grandpa, Step-mom etc.
  • Can you write a message on my cake?
  • Do you make red velvet cake?
    No, I do not do red velvet. Red velvet is chocolate buttermilk cake dyed red and I do not use artificial products in my kitchen. And I hate it. Bye.
  • Can you put specific flowers of my choice on my cake?
    No. I do my best work when I am not given any specific guidelines i.e colour, types of flower etc. It’s important to remember I’m based in Toronto and finding specific flowers at certain times of the year is not possible. I can assure you that each cake will be beautiful. However, I am happy to accept pictures of previous cakes I’ve made as a starting point for your cake. I will not accept cakes from other bakers.
  • Do you make wedding cakes?
    Absolutely! I make lots of wedding cakes. Please email me at for event/wedding inquiries.
  • Do you do any wedding cake tastings?
    No I don’t but if you have any hesitation about ordering, I recommend checking out my Event Calendar for monthly slab cake pop ups that take place at various Toronto locations.

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